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Aviâja - Inua

Mar,02 2024 09:36 am

I feel RUSTY was the word ;-)

Aviâja - Inua

Mar,02 2024 09:35 am

Hi there, I signed up to VerySoul when it started, but life came in between, so it is first within last couple of days I have started to use it, and Im thrilled about the setup, and about meeting with other mediums. I feel a little tusty about my mediumship, so it is a good place to peele of the rust. Thank you. Ps. I love the scheduling tool, it is soo easy and timesaving.

Sheila Dawes

Feb,04 2024 14:23 pm

Hi beautiful souls, I am new to VerySoul but have been doing readings since 2009 with Oracle cards, but I'm getting guided more and more to do mediumship and saw Sally Hawk being interviewed by Suzanne Giesemann on her YT channel, please look it up and watch.

Mark John

Jan,21 2024 10:22 am

Hi everyone, i just joined today


Dec,18 2023 13:36 pm

Hallo there,wouls you mind explaining how to connect better with spirit in purpose to give clearer evidence instead of psychic reading? Thank you. Jelena

Lori Brodeur

Nov,08 2023 08:25 am

I'm brand new to verysoul, hope to get some direction here. Not sure how to proceed or where to begin. Will check back.

Christine Fletcher

Oct,09 2023 02:20 am

I have also just joined and through investigation of the website located the sitting/chatting room. Not sure how to use it. Trial and error I suppose.


Aug,03 2023 21:03 pm

I'm new as well and just discovered the Sitting.Chatting room. I can't wait to use it.

Connie B

Jun,07 2023 00:03 am

Can anyone tell me if we can still sign up for the seminar on Thursday evening? If we can, how? Thanks!


Jun,02 2023 13:37 pm

I am new to this platform and I am looking to set up an introductory session.

Tera Armstrong

May,23 2023 00:39 am

Thank you Kim for all the great information you shared in the Q&A today!

Joy Truscott

May,16 2023 16:45 pm

Thank you Sarah, Rebecca and Kairi for the Q&A session today. So much learning from these sessions.


May,11 2023 04:09 am

I am also new to this platform..any input in this regard will help

Kairi Kaarlaid

Apr,25 2023 16:51 pm

Thank you Sally so much for everything!

Shawn Jerrems

Apr,25 2023 16:45 pm

Thank you for a great Q&A session Sally!

Toni Horsley

Apr,25 2023 00:14 am

That was a wonderful Q&A session with Kim Griffin! Very helpful!

Elise H

Apr,22 2023 14:52 pm

Hello everyone! I am using the On Demand feature and hope to meet people ready to practice!

Trisha B

Apr,13 2023 20:26 pm

hello im new here how do the steps work?

Lisa Aston Michael

Mar,16 2023 23:54 pm

Hi all, does anyone know how to access the session this mornign with LouAnn Beecher?

Christina Rawls

Mar,15 2023 18:06 pm

The interview with Sally & Suzanne G. was excellent!

Julie Stevenson

Mar,02 2023 22:17 pm

I just watched the podcast with Sally and Suzanne. Really enjoyed it and again confirmed ho lucky I am to part of the Very Soul family xxx

Elise H

Feb,28 2023 22:20 pm

I really enjoyed watching the live podcast with Suzanne Gieseman and Sally Hawk! I am grateful to be part of this community! Thank you to everyone making it a reality!

Tera Armstrong

Feb,28 2023 21:48 pm

Wonderful interview with Suzanne Sally!!!

Lisa Aston Michael

Feb,23 2023 23:59 pm

Hi, I can't seem to access the room yet I can hear you Kim

Paula Rita

Feb,21 2023 22:22 pm


Sally H

Feb,19 2023 00:54 am

❤️Thanks for the great conversatoin Chassie and for anchoring most every night at 7pm EST!!!❤️

Joy Truscott

Feb,11 2023 18:19 pm

It was so lovely being here for the first time. I have been ill with the virus and just feeling strong enough to participate. Just lovely sitting in the Peace and nice to have Leanne Taylor join me towards the end.

Michelle T

Feb,04 2023 01:40 am

Hi Tammy So sorry for the delay. I am on the EST zone.

Nicole Newman

Feb,03 2023 22:49 pm

in the room now for sitting in the power if anyone wants to join!

Tammy Lee Anderson

Jan,29 2023 04:04 am

Michelle T Yes I am interested in sitting in the power. I am PST Zone what time sone are you?

Michelle T

Jan,28 2023 03:28 am

Hi Tammy I would also be interested in sitting in the power as well if you still are? If you are we can schedule a time to join together.

Andrea Eva Hubert

Jan,26 2023 14:57 pm

Hi, I m usually available as a host for practise bookings but wjen I try to book a sesdion as a guest myself it givrs an error...membership needed...cansomeone point me in right direction here...thsnk you so much in advance...Andrea Eva

Tammy Lee Anderson

Jan,19 2023 21:52 pm

I am interested in sitting in the power with others

Tammy Lee Anderson

Jan,19 2023 21:50 pm

can we book to achor for sitting ??

Sally H

Jan,12 2023 14:57 pm


Tammy Lee Anderson

Jan,11 2023 17:12 pm

i'll sign up to be a room anchor.... good idea :)

Sally H

Jan,11 2023 14:00 pm

Then we will publish the Room Anchor names/times on this page so you can be more certain to find someone in the room. It will cover the first 20 minutes of every Soul Chat hour.

Sally H

Jan,11 2023 13:59 pm

We've noticed a number of unfulfilled visits so are adding a new feature shortly to allow mediums to sign up to be Room Anchors...the people you know will be there.

Sally H

Jan,11 2023 13:59 pm

☺️ good morning! Chat room upgrades on the way!.

Margaret Ann

Jan,10 2023 02:08 am

Just joined at the 8pm shift to Soul Chat... no one here

Tammy Lee Anderson

Jan,09 2023 05:42 am

Thank You

Sally H

Jan,07 2023 17:14 pm

Great conversaiton yesterday about the many challenges and synergies that have brought us together here. Thanks for this expansive discussion leanne!

Sally H

Jan,06 2023 21:32 pm

I'l be on at 5pm EST today for a brief time if anyone wants to chat

Sally H

Jan,05 2023 15:26 pm

Anyone looing for a meet-up, I know there are mediums often meeting to chat at 7pm EST many evenings :)

Tammy Lee Anderson

Dec,31 2022 17:31 pm


Jill G

Dec,27 2022 16:57 pm

@Jossy K. Same!

Jossy K

Dec,27 2022 15:10 pm

I'm available for practice now, and was looking for that option to no avail

Jossy K

Dec,27 2022 15:10 pm

Hi everyone, Is the on demand option taken off?

Anita S

Dec,24 2022 15:20 pm

Hi there, this is really cool

Carol Geiler

Dec,21 2022 00:44 am

Thanks Sally! I had no idea. Great to know...

Sally H

Dec,21 2022 00:39 am

Awesome idea Carol! There\'s also a gathering happening at 7pm EST most nights if anyone wants to join then. I think the chances of finding others is greater in the first 5 minutes of the hour.

Carol Geiler

Dec,21 2022 00:03 am

I plan to join the Soul Chat 12/21/22 evening. I will be on at either 5pm CST or 6pm CST depending on which of these is the chat. Come join me and say hi!

Theresa C

Dec,19 2022 22:05 pm

I just log into the Soul Chat nobody was log in. I will try back at a later time but i\'m excited to connect with other mediums and just share in our different experiences.

Tammy Lee Anderson

Dec,19 2022 17:21 pm

cannot get in closed right now??

Dawn Marie

Dec,19 2022 04:02 am

was in by myself but it gave me time to connect with myself and to be in the presence of spirit without conning to a particualar spirit. Thank you for this space.

Leanne T

Dec,18 2022 18:18 pm

Another fabulous opportunity that you have gifted us with Sally and team! Thanks so much <3

Theresa C

Dec,18 2022 01:18 am

I have joined twice so far and both times have been beyond amazing.

Sally H

Dec,17 2022 23:53 pm

very interesting chat this afternoon ladies! thanks you!

Tammy Lee Anderson

Dec,17 2022 20:02 pm


Sally H

Dec,17 2022 15:03 pm

I'll be here at the following times today and tomorrow if anyone wants to chat. :) Saturday, for at least 30 minutes from: 9am, 1pm, 7pm, 9pm ESTSunday, for at least 30 minutes from: 11am, 9pm EST

Anna A

Dec,16 2022 22:35 pm

Wow, this is a great idea! Its so much better to chat with others who understand the process and who are on the journey vs friends/fam who have no clue what its really like!

Carol Geiler

Dec,16 2022 21:39 pm

It might have more attendence if people set up some times to connect and share the space. Obviously anyone could join but setting a time might let others know the room will be occupied!

Jan Morris

Dec,16 2022 16:59 pm

I just went into the Soul Chat, but no one joined me. Since it is minutes away from switching to Sitting Room, I\'ll bow out for now. I\'m sure it will soon gain popularity thru word of mouth!☺️


Dec,16 2022 09:20 am

How very interesting....No one around in theSitting Room..will check in again and explore...

Lory Leyman

Dec,15 2022 17:58 pm

Fun!!! I went to the one else was there...I will check again later...thanks for all the opportunities to network with other mediums! xo

Lisa Aston Michael

Dec,15 2022 04:47 am


Michelle T

Dec,15 2022 04:44 am

Hi I logged out but will join again. :)

Lisa Aston Michael

Dec,15 2022 04:42 am

Do I just join in the room?

Sally H

Dec,15 2022 04:41 am

Wonderful to swap stories of our spiritual journeys Michelle!

Lisa Aston Michael

Dec,15 2022 04:40 am

I'm here Michelle T ☺️

Lisa Aston Michael

Dec,15 2022 04:38 am

This is a wonderful idea! Thank you Sally, Tammy and Team! ❤️

Michelle T

Dec,15 2022 03:52 am

Good Evening Is anyone available and interested in meeting now?

Sally H

Dec,15 2022 01:37 am

Such an interesting conversation about how spirit works through us. Thanks Elise & Michelle!

Karina Hemby

Dec,14 2022 22:04 pm

💗Awesome! Excited for this! Thank You!u!

Effie Linke

Dec,14 2022 21:46 pm

Thank you VS team!!

Judith Hurst

Dec,14 2022 20:50 pm

Love love, LOVE this! Thank you, Sally and all who support VerySoul!

Tammy Lee Anderson

Dec,14 2022 19:59 pm

So grateful for this opportunity

Michelle Hughes

Dec,14 2022 19:57 pm

What a wonderful addition to this platform. Thank you for all that you are doing I am very grateful.

Carol Geiler

Dec,14 2022 19:21 pm

This is wonderful! What a great idea.... Will make plans starting next week to use this...

Jan Morris

Dec,14 2022 17:17 pm

Such a great idea, and the dual-purpose is so easy for the User. I will be back!

Sally H

Dec,14 2022 16:35 pm

💞I can already feel the energy! :)

Andrea Eva Hubert

Dec,14 2022 16:18 pm

sounds great, just had a first look, will surely come back

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