Code Of Ethics

Authenticity. Compassion. Trust. Devotion to connecting clients with the people they’ve lost.

These qualities are a medium’s north star and the guiding principles upon which we have

built VerySoul’s Code of Ethics. We ask that you honor it in all of your work.

  • Keep an open and inclusive heart

    Welcome every client and communicator with empathy and kindness. Do not stereotype. Know that grief is an expression of love, but sometimes causes confusion and anger. Respect that grief has no deadline or time limit.

  • Serve with integrity and humility

    You are human, like everyone else. Be honest and take sole responsibility for your mistakes. Commit to every client’s sense of safety by helping them feel comfortable, maintaining confidentiality, and promoting their personal empowerment vs. your own.

  • Embrace the importance of evidence

    Appreciate the need for evidence the client recognizes. Never pressure a client for a “yes” or imply fault with client or communicator for lack of recognition. Be patient as delayed recognition can also be powerful for clients.

  • Do no harm

    Respect client vulnerabilities, beliefs, and spiritual journeys. Do not advocate for your own or for other services and events. Consider how your words might be perceived. Never suggest that mediumship replaces medical, financial, legal, therapeutic, counseling, or any professional advice or forecasts.

  • Welcome the gift of feedback

    Ongoing feedback from clients and practice partners supports your development through honesty, candor, kindness and encouragement. Likewise, support the development of fellow mediums with honesty, candor, kindness and encouragement.

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