Debrief Coaching Sessions

  • To support the development of Mediums by providing a safe place to discuss and share areas of concern from recent mediumship sessions. These trouble-shooting sessions are designed to help Mediums feel empowered and confident moving forward in their development.
  • Brief, informal sessions (scheduled for 30 minutes)
  • Small groups of up to 5 Mediums geared to intimate discussion of recent challenges
  • Separate sessions for Novices and Intermediates/Pros
  • Participants will be asked for quick feedback for Coaches after the sessions

  • Professional Mediums/Teachers
  • Mediums who have questions or concerns about a recent session experience
  • No passive listeners. Each Medium should be bringing an issue to the table
  • Not intended for general Q&A. Those will be facilitated separately in larger groups.
  • Not intended to replace outside training and/or mentorships.
  • Instead, they are single event opportunities to gain perspective from an experienced practitioner about a recent experience of yours.
  • Limited seats available for reservation on a first come, first served basis
  • Mediums may attend sessions as often as once per week while capacity allows
  • Sign-up required at least 12 hours in advance
  • All cameras should be on during the session
  • No recording allowed
  • Sessions are completely confidential Mediums who reserve a seat are expected to attend the full 30-minute session
  • Participants should arrive a few minutes early – doors close after 2 minutes
  • Hosts may decide to run over time as needed at their discretion
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