Instructions to set up Starter client services

Referring Friends and Family to the Starter Client Volunteer Program (Non-Mediums)

  1. Any VerySoul Medium of any ability level can make referrals. But before you decide who to nominate, please read through and consider these criteria for selecting friends & family to nominate as starter client volunteers.
  2. Each Medium has been given a unique referral code and can have as many as 15 friends and family enrolled in the program.
  3. We have drafted an email that you can use to send this information to your referrals. You can find that email through the main VerySoul drop down by selecting My Profile > Referral Email (in the upper left corner under your name). This button will automatically send the email draft to you with your unique referral code embedded. You can personalize it however you’d like and then forward it directly to your nominees. This experience is completely free to you and to your referrals

Please choose your referrals thoughtfully for your fellow Mediums. Starter Client Volunteers will also receive brief instructions before each session to help them feel prepared for the session.

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