Medium FAQs

What is the purpose/mission of VerySoul?

Our mission is to help those who have passed reach many more of their people around the world by:

  • Helping clients find and book capable, evidential Mediums, 
  • Making a mediumship session accessible to anyone who wants one, 
  • Enabling the development and advancement of Mediums at all stages of ability through more sessions, regular feedback, gradual client exposure and less time on administration

How much will it cost me to be a member?  

Nothing. VerySoul membership is free to any Medium who is honestly trying to develop or serve as an evidential Medium.  There are no membership fees, activity fees, or skimmed fees from client payments. 


Are there any strings attached?  

Nope. All we ask is that you abide by the VerySoul code of ethics and operating principles, and that you consistently act responsibly in support of others using the platform.


If VerySoul doesn’t charge Mediums or clients, how is it funded?

Investors are currently covering the start-up and operating costs, and plan to continue doing so for at least the first 3 years. The only revenue source for VerySoul will be a pay-it-forward option where anyone can make a contribution to help support our mission. Our current sense is that this will be adequate to maintain a robust capability well into the future.

Are there any minimum requirements to join VerySoul as a Medium?

Yes. You need to be able to make a purposeful link with evidence recognized by another person. If you have not yet been able to make a purposeful and verifiable link, we ask that you continue to work on that before requesting membership. Here are some Making a Link Resources that may be helpful in that pursuit.

Do I need to make any commitments to join?

Yes. Every Medium on VerySoul must read and agree to the VerySoul Code of Ethics and Operating Principles. Together these are meant to ensure that we deliver a consistent brand experience while also supporting each Medium’s uniqueness and our overall community of Mediums. We also ask that all Professional Mediums donate at least 2 free sessions per month to clients with an inability to pay. (see FAQs for Professionals)

Can I use sessions primarily for psychic work?

Ideally not. The intention of VerySoul is to develop evidential Mediums to help those who have passed reach their loved ones left behind. So we encourage you to use your practice time primarily for mediumship. Some Mediums regularly start their sessions with a psychic portion, which is fine as long as you request permission before doing so and you spend the majority of the session on evidential mediumship. When you are practicing with other Mediums, we also encourage you each to share feedback when you suspect that the working Medium has accidentally slipped into psychic mode.

Are there any expectations during practice sessions?

Yes. We ask that you regularly participate as the working Medium. This means that if you are still practicing with other Mediums, both Mediums take a turn making a link in the session. The exception would be for more advanced Mediums who are already working with clients who may want to donate time to sit for other practicing Mediums. However, if you just want a free session as a client, please sign up as a client not a Medium.

Can I pause my mediumship commitments for personal reasons?

Yes. That’s absolutely fine. If you need to pause for more than a few weeks please let us know by dropping us a line to

Am I required to participate in the post-session survey process?

Yes. If you are working with clients they will be asked to complete a feedback survey for you. If you are practicing with other Mediums, both you and your partner will be asked to complete surveys for each other.  While receiving written feedback may at first feel unfamiliar, the Mediums on our platform generally find it supportive and useful.  They especially enjoy having the record of their progress.

Will my survey results follow me throughout my career?

No. The surveys are private and intended for your personal use in your development. Once you are a professional with a publicly published profile on our website, we will encourage you to start sharing only your most recent survey results to help clients consider you for booking. But the choice of whether to publish is always yours. You can feel safe knowing that nothing will ever be published without your request and your approval.

Do I need to complete a survey for my practice partner if their session wasn’t very strong? 

Yes. After mediumship practices, both you and your partner will be asked to complete feedback surveys for each other. Please complete surveys in a timely and constructive way. Respect that every Medium is a unique communication instrument and that there are different schools of training. However, it is just as important that you be candid and honest in your feedback, especially about the validity of evidence or anything that made you uncomfortable. This helps your partner know where they can improve and supports the overall quality and integrity of our community. 

How will I know if the feedback is valid?

The diversity of human perspectives means that any 100 people could experience the exact same event and evaluate it 100 different ways. As learners we need to be open to this diversity of perspectives and at the same time, resilient enough to find the value and move on. Other peoples’ perceptions will be there whether you hear them or not, so why not keep yourself informed so that you can make better decisions about your own development?

At the same time, it’s important that all feedback be received in a balanced way. Listen to it, learn from it, but don’t let it define you or your potential. It’s the totality of the feedback across many people that will help you know how you are progressing. The goal is to adopt the broadest perspective possible about you as an instrument of mediumship. In the end, only you can decide how to best utilize that feedback for your development.

What do the mediumship levels mean?

VerySoul has 3 mediumship levels:  Novice, Intermediate, and Professional.

1. Novices can make a purposeful link, but are not yet consistently accurate enough to work with non-Medium clients. They will focus on practices with other Mediums.

2. Intermediates have strong, consistent skills in holding a link and providing recognizable evidence but are not yet ready to charge for their services.  They can work with any participants except Paying Clients through VerySoul.

3. Professionals have proven their abilities to consistently provide evidence and messages that are highly differentiating and recognizable by clients. Clients will gladly pay for their services. Professionals will also donate at least 2 free sessions to Outreach Clients each month.

How will I know when I’m ready to move to the next level with my mediumship?

You will be getting important feedback from practice partners and clients that should help you calibrate against your own perception of how well your sessions are going.  It is important that you also look at your feedback in the aggregate versus taking any one outlier too much to heart.  Each human you interact with will come to the table with different expectations and your feedback will at least partially reflect that variation.  We are also working on a self-assessment tool that should help you calibrate your skills.

How do I progress through the tiers of VerySoul mediumship programs? What are the requirements to qualify to start working with clients?

First off, our goal is always to ensure:

  • High quality session experiences for clients
  • Level-appropriate learning environments for Mediums
  • A reasonable balance of supply and demand for partners, clients and other resources

We do this to protect our clients, our Mediums, the VerySoul brand and the professional reputation of the worldwide community of Mediums.

Qualifying Characteristics

Among other things, we look for well-rounded Mediums who are working not just on their mediumship skills, but on themselves as well. We look for:

  • Highest ethical standards (see VerySoul Code of Ethics)
  • Strong evidential skills
  • Heartfelt dedication to the work
  • Confidence balanced with humility
  • Stability, reliability, and resilience
  • Good judgment & self-mastery

Along the way, be sure that you are working on your self-mastery in terms of understanding and resolving your own personal triggers. Our clients greatly appreciate the authenticity, warmth, and compassion of our Mediums, especially when they are experiencing grief, heartache, and other challenges. We can best deliver that every time if we aren’t easily triggered. It will also inherently help your mediumship by removing blocks to communications.

This all supports one of our key goals: to improve the credibility of the mediumship profession.
Things We Don’t Consider
When it comes to qualifying for our various client-facing programs, we don’t have requirements for how many sessions, months, or hours. We know that every Medium develops at a different pace given their unique instrument and their investment of time.
Some other things we don’t do:
  • We don’t rely solely on any credentials to imply abilities, including whether you currently charge clients.
  • We don’t do mediumship tests (or offer certifications).
  • We don’t offer classes that move you from one level to the next.

Things We Do Consider

We do use a range of information and diverse perspectives to determine readiness for our client-facing programs. That information often includes but is not limited to:

  • Recent survey feedback
  • Operating metrics that include reliability with appointments
  • Nominations by others as “Ready for Clients”
  • Other information that may come to us about your participation with VerySoul
  • Other information we may glean about your public persona (website, ads, etc.) if it is misaligned with the VerySoul mission (e.g. if your website claims you are magic, etc.)

Moving Through the Tiers

We regularly monitor active Mediums to assess readiness for the next tier. We also pay special attention to differences between your self-assessed level and your current tier with VerySoul.

But regardless of self-assessed level, every medium is asked to start in the practice zone with other Mediums to learn our system and to demonstrate proficiency. If your skills are already outstanding, this process won’t take long and you will progress quickly.

This way we know things will run smoothly when you start working with clients on our platform.

After that, there are 3 stages that every Medium has the potential to move through:

  • Starter Clients (friends and family of other Mediums),
  • Outreach Clients (people who can’t afford to pay from the general public), and
  • Professional Clients (paying)
Again, if your skills are truly more advanced than the stage you are in, you will progress quickly to the next level.
You will be informed by email when it becomes apparent to us that you are ready for the next tier. However, you should never feel pressured until you feel ready.
What Else Can I Do to Move Faster?
Not much other than classes, mentorships, development circles, working with the power, etc. Just dedicate yourself to the work as fits your life and allow yourself time to develop. There is no fast track.

Who will participate in my sessions?

VerySoul supports 4 primary categories of session participants: Other Mediums, Starter Clients, Outreach Clients, and Paying Clients.

1. Other Mediums if you are a Novice Medium or you simply choose to practice with other Mediums.

2. Starter Clients if you are an Intermediate Medium, feel ready to do so, and have received strong feedback from your peers. Starter Clients are generally friends and family of other mediums and so know some of the struggles that developing mediums may experience. They will receive some guidance in advance of the session.  

3. Outreach Clients if you are an Intermediate Medium, feel ready to do so, and have a series of strong feedback from Starter Clients. Outreach clients will be receiving donated/free sessions.   

4. Paying Clients if you are a Professional Medium, feel ready, have strong reviews to support your abilities, and/or meet other criteria that confirm your abilities.

Can I work with more than one type of session participant?

Yes.  For example, if you are ready to work with Outreach clients and want to do that, you can also choose to participate in practices with other mediums. 

Can I use VerySoul to arrange platform practices and demonstrations?

Yes, but not quite yet. To simplify the platform roll-out, we currently only support 1-on-1 sessions.  But it won’t be long before we can facilitate platform practices with other Mediums or clients.

Are there any minimum technology requirements?

At the very minimum you will need to have a reliable email address through which you can receive booking information and updates about our platform. To get the most benefits from the VerySoul platform you would want to use an electronic calendar, your own Zoom account, and if you are taking client payments, an electronic payment account.  Ideally you would also have computer access to set your availability for appointments in the VerySoul system. But none of these are a requirement.  We have alternatives for almost every situation.

Do I need to pay for a Zoom account?  

Currently you can operate on our system with a free Zoom account.  There are some time/participant limitations on these free accounts though that you will want to keep in mind.

Is VerySoul compatible with Apple products and the Safari browser?

VerySoul is designed to be compatible with all devices and browsers. However, Apple products and browsers can cometimes be a bit more finicky. So if you experience any challenges in registering, please just reach out to for further guidance to resolve those issues. You do not need to download alternative browsers. 

I’m not comfortable with technology. Can I still participate in VerySoul?

Yes, but everyone will need to complete the online registration form to have access to our services.

If you are ready to work with clients, we will help you get comfortable with the technology necessary to work from the VerySoul platform. It’s not very complicated, but we will help you get set up and trained.  

If you prefer to only practice with other Mediums, it’s even easier because you don’t even have to work with an electronic calendar, Zoom account, or a calendar of availability. As long as you can take confirmations and notifications by email or SMS text, you can simply book sessions with other practice partner Mediums through our site once you are registered as a VerySoul Medium.  

Will VerySoul replace my mediumship classes?

No. The platform has been built to facilitate mediumship sessions. While performing more sessions and receiving regular feedback should help you develop your skills more quickly, it is not intended to replace classroom learning that may be helpful.


Will VerySoul replace my need for circles?  

No. VerySoul is not intended to replace anything, except for the administrative hassles of scheduling 1-on-1 sessions. You may find that you develop more quickly with more private sessions, but you also learn by watching others work in circles and those circles may provide a powerful support network for you as well.


Can I get mentoring through VerySoul?

Limited. We are not a training school or a replacement for classes, mentors, circles, or self-work. However, brief sessions with peer coaches and mentors will be available during tough transitions or after tough sessions. VerySoul will also offer other group opportunities to learn from more experienced Mediums in Q&A sessions.

Can I hand select my practice partners?

No. The system has been developed to help you experience a broad range of practice partners through a pooled booking system. However, in the near future you will be able to indicate your preferences for the mediumship skill level of your practice partners.  Also, practice partner alignments are currently generated randomly based on availability. We are working to refine those algorithms to help ensure that you don’t repeat practice partners too often. 

If I join, can I still take bookings outside of VerySoul?

Yes. You may continue to take bookings outside of the VerySoul platform as you wish. 


How and when will I be paid for VerySoul client sessions?

Directly. All payments from clients will be sent directly to your private payment account at the time of booking once you integrate your preferred payment system with VerySoul.  If you wish to refund a payment, you will need to do that through your payment system.  VerySoul facilitates your payment without intervention.  We do not take a fee or percentage from those client payments.


Are there any special requirements for Professional Mediums?

Yes. If you are listed on our site as a Professional Medium to take paid bookings, then we also ask that you donate at least 2 free 30-minute sessions each month for Outreach Clients (those who have indicated an inability to pay).  Of course you can choose to provide free Outreach Client sessions without a professional listing with us as well.

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