Operating Principles

Following are important operating principles that emerged from our Fall ‘21 pilot. They are intended to help keep us productive as a community and to help potential new members determine fit for VerySoul. These principles will continue to evolve in the months to come.

Please read each section thoroughly before confirming your commitment to VerySoul membership.

Start-up Mode 

VerySoul is a new platform that will evolve considerably over the next couple of years. While you should gain many operating benefits immediately, you can expect to experience some hiccups along the way. As part of our start-up team, please be patient and alert to any shortcomings. But also participate actively in our evolution by reporting issues and ideas to us through the HELP link in the system or at support@verysoul.com. We are developing the platform to provide enablement and flexibility for a diverse range of practitioners and clients. Understand that we will need to prioritize VerySoul development opportunities that serve the greatest good.

Mediums as Humans

To help empower clients in their own soul’s journey and to reduce stigma around mediumship, VerySoul will present Mediums as regular people with a special communication skill set. We believe it is unhealthy for anyone to think that Mediums are somehow magical or mystical beings or perfected humans. To that end, you will be asked to use your regular name on our platform vs. some other brand name and to use recent and realistic photos for your profile when you are ready to be listed as a professional. We are regular people and our clients will be most comfortable with us and their own soul’s potential if they know that. Also, we will not use techniques like trance for 1-on-1 mediumship sessions on this platform as it can result in a less interactive experience that can be uncomfortable for some.

No Solicitation of Other Mediums

The VerySoul community provides a beautiful networking opportunity for Mediums as you meet up for practices and events. But it should also be a safe place where mediums can trust that they will not be solicited in any way, either verbally or through other channels like email.
Do not solicit other VerySoul Mediums to participate in classes, ventures, or any other activities, whether they are run by you or by someone else. Please be thoughtful about the potential preferences of your peers as you network and don’t take anything for granted.
If you feel you have been solicited by another Medium based on your participation with VerySoul, please report that to us at privacy@verysoul.com. We will treat that information as confidential as we address the situation.

Special Mediumship Tools

You will have a great deal of flexibility on how you run your sessions as long as they are evidential in nature.  However, during platform registration you will be asked to disclose whether you regularly use any special tools for your mediumship, such as tarot cards, verbal prayer, crystals, pendulums, etc.  Some clients may be uncomfortable with the use of such tools and so will have an option to choose Mediums who do not use these tools.  As with recordings, client permission should always be verbally requested before special tools are used in their session.

Age 18 or Over

All Mediums actively working and practicing with VerySoul must be at least 18 years old.

Demonstrated Mediumship Ability 

To help our community be as productive as possible, every VerySoul Medium must be able to make a purposeful link with validated evidence. It’s OK if you’re a “Novice” and can’t hold a link for long or are still working through developmental issues. That’s what practice sessions are for and we invite you to hone those skills with VerySoul. However, if you have not yet been able to make a purposeful and independently verified link, we ask that you continue to work on that before requesting membership. Here are some Making a Link Resources that may be helpful in that pursuit.

Active Use of Platform for Evidential Mediumship 

As part of our mission we are investing in you and hope you will continue to invest in your mediumship through regular working sessions. Also, we understand that many Mediums work as psychics, healers, astrologists, trance workers, etc.  but we ask that VerySoul be used only for evidential mediumship right now. 

Recording Requires Permission from All Parties 

Do not record your interactions with anyone in a VerySoul session unless you have full permission from all other parties involved. This applies to all practices, client sessions, platform demonstrations, discussions, learning sessions, and every other kind of event held through or by VerySoul. Every Medium and client in a session is making themselves vulnerable in some way during a session and recording without permission is a breach of their personal trust.  You must have express permission from all parties to record by any means.  Clients will be required to confirm their understanding of this same premise when they book sessions.

Free Means Free 

VerySoul offers free (donated) sessions to Outreach clients and Starter clients.  If you make yourself available to clients for donated sessions, please do not ask them for anything in return except for feedback. It is not acceptable to ask for payments of any sort, including tips. Also, please don’t market to them by promoting events, websites, or social media. If a client asks how to find you again or for a specific resource, you may provide the requested information if you choose. Unfortunately, consumers have grown accustomed to “strings-attached” free offerings and we do not want to perpetuate that approach in any form. 

If you feel compelled to generate income from your mediumship before you are ready to be a VerySoul professional Medium where you could take client payments, you will need to do that outside of our platform.  However, you are still welcome to stay and continue practicing with us behind the scenes to further develop your skills.

Privacy and Opt-In/Opt-Out Choices 

During registration, each client will be asked whether they would like to opt-in for more information about events and offerings from VerySoul and its associates. The option to opt-out is a legal requirement in many parts of the world and we must comply with those opt-out requests. Please consider yourself an associate and do not ever send any marketing materials to VerySoul Mediums or clients who may have opted out. If you are a Professional Medium and would like a list of your VerySoul clients who have opted in, you can make that request at privacy@verysoul.com. Of course if someone approaches you through your own website or social media you may handle that relationship the way you would any other.

Importance of Keeping Appointment Times

Our clients depend on us to show up as scheduled, ready to deliver a session. And practice partners are counting on you to show up on time as well.  So it’s important that you know your schedule before setting availability so that you don’t overcommit to sessions you may not be able to make.  We all have emergencies that come up, but please do your best to minimize disruption to your scheduled sessions. Please be on time and avoid cancellations and rescheduling as much as possible.  If necessary, limit your availability in the system to the near future when your availability is more certain (e.g. maybe just set your availability for the next 5 days instead of the next 2 months).  VerySoul will provide appointment reminders to you to help.

Of course sometimes clients are late for a myriad of reasons. Please wait at least 10 minutes before ending the session.  Eventually we will be able to provide quick backfills. 

We are also working on On-Demand session options to help both practitioners and clients who have difficulty committing to a pre-scheduled session.

Feedback To Practice Partners 

After mediumship practices, you will be asked to complete feedback surveys for each other. Please complete surveys in a timely and constructive way. Respect the uniqueness of each Medium as we are each unique communication instruments. However, it is just as important that you be candid and honest in your feedback, especially about the validity of evidence.  This helps avoid misleading your partner and supports the overall quality and integrity of our community.  For example, your feedback will help your partners know when they are really ready to start working with non-Medium clients.

Feedback To You 

Many Mediums have never been the subject of survey feedback prior to VerySoul. It is important that all feedback be received in a balanced way. Listen to it, learn from it, but don’t let it define you or your potential. Know that this feedback is for you and your development and that it will not “follow” you in any way. 

The diversity of human perspectives means that any 100 people could experience the exact same event and evaluate it completely differently. As learners we need to be open to this diversity of perspectives and at the same time, resilient enough to find the value and move on. It’s the totality of the feedback across many people that will help you know how you are progressing and when you are ready for the next level. We will provide statistical views to help you see these trends more easily.  

Professional Mediums taking paying clients through VerySoul will be encouraged to publish recent feedback so that clients can make informed purchasing decisions. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) 

We are not looking for perfection from anyone.  But we are looking for practitioners who are committed to certain operating standards that will best serve our clients and our community. You will be notified if your trends appear out-of-line with operational tolerances and will have a chance to improve. The most critical SLA’s will be:

  • Active Use of Platform for Mediumship
    • Completing at least 4 mediumship sessions each month
    • Working as the Medium in the vast majority of practice sessions 
  • Appointment Keeping
    • Timely arrival for scheduled appointments
    • Timely notification when rescheduling appointments (at least 24 hours)
    • Reasonable trends on appointments rescheduled, canceled, or missed by you
  • Survey Completion
    • Regularly completing surveys for practice partners
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