What our recent clients are saying…

Patience, UK

Thank you again for a wonderful reading, it was spot on!

Jenny, USA

Thank you for your accuracy, professionalism, humor, and ease.

Janine, USA

My medium provided a few very random items that provided evidence of my loved one being around me and my family. Knowing that we are being supported from the other side always brings a smile to me.

Deb, USA

So amazing. I am sharing with others. I loved the entire thing. Thank you so much for providing this for people that are developing their skills and for people seeking connections to their loved ones on the other side of the veil.

Victor, USA

Very Soul has been so kind to me and have answered any and all questions I have raised in a timely manner. So grateful to have this platform for guidance!

Nika, AUS

I have found VerySoul to be an authentic, caring, generous entity that truly wants to help connect people to their loved ones. I have recommended VerySoul to others and will continue to. It is an easy to navigate site and has been a warm and kind experience throughout, from booking through to having the session itself. Thank you VerySoul.

Esther, USA

It was amazing! So worth it, I can’t even tell you how helpful and amazing this was for me! Being able to connect with someone that passed, it was so helpful and transformational for me! So worth it!

Jess, USA

I can’t believe it took me this long to find VerySoul! I consulted different mediums about once a year since 2002. It’s an expense I wish I didn’t have. Thank you to all the mediums offering a free session through VerySoul.

Lia, Scotland

I can not completely recommend my medium, because the reading was unsuccessful. But I believe him to be honest and genuine.

Cathy, USA

It was very informative and accurate.

Jelena, Serbia

Very pleasant experience

Jean-Philippe, USA

As a first time receiver of a mediumship session I had the best possible experience thanks to VerySoul

Ria, USA

I’m grateful for VerySoul! Thank you so much for this reading!

Catherine, USA

I’m very glad I found this site. It’s a wonderful idea and I hope it benefits participants on all sides.

Kara, USA

The session brought me some peace. It have given more hope in a long time

Barbara, Poland

VerySoul allows you to contact a medium with very good skills. Such an experience can bring emotional healing.

june, USA

I’ve only been with you a short time but i will continue to follow. The experience has been very positive

Lori, USA

Great opportunity

Pamela, CAN

I found this to be an expansive and inspiring experience!

Ria, USA

I highly recommend VerySoul. It was fantastic. My medium is very gifted. I’m am grateful for the experience.

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