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Ria, USA


Natalie, CAN

Extremely smooth. Signing up was super simple. Booking an appointment was a breeze and I especially appreciated the Email reminders of my appointment. Wonderful platform….and soooo needed. THANK YOU ALL.

Lori, USA

I would encourage you to try it.

Julia, USA

It was absolutely beautiful. I’d recommend this to anyone!

Stephen, USA

Very interesting and accessible. Honest and straight forward.

Jay, USA

You forget what a short amount of time thirty mins is. I liked how she explained what she did and how she communicated.

Janice, USA

I enjoyed this and would want to try another medium

Lisa, USA

Very professional and easy to navigate. The emphasis on evidence made me trust in them.

Melissa, USA

Was an amazing experience. Very helpful and informative.

Jessica, USA

It was absolutely wonderful to feel connected again to my grandparents. My medium did a good job of relaying their messages and even reminded me of how my grandfather would wave his hands around while talking. It felt like I had a few minutes with them again.

Candace, USA

Very exciting. I will definitely be back!

Jennifer, AUS

Very community minded, it feels like everyone involved is here to help. It does not feel like a money making place but one of honour and care about all humans no matter what their financial status. I feel genuine care and real heart throughout this Platform . Thank you to everyone who participates. It helps more than you will ever know.

Maryann, USA

They want us to connect with our deceased loved ones. Love never dies. She pegged my parental dynamics! Enough said! Lol

Teresa, USA

It was more than I expected! I sent a friend in as well and she had an amazing experience with the same person!!

Tyler, USA

I would strongly recommend VerySoul to others for a medium experience. This experience will live within me forever. I am so grateful.

Laurie, USA

The information I received was incredible. Very Soul touched MY SOUL in so many ways. Thank you for allowing me to communicate with those I miss so much!

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