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Renee, USA

That they should definitely try it!

Jeane, USA

Definitely try a session. It is so comforting to hear from our loved ones in spirit. I found comfort with my reading today

Rhonda, USA

Try it but don’t have expectations about who might come through or the messages you’ll get.

Peggy, USA

Definitely try it!

Nicole, USA

She was great, so far my experience has been great and healing. You should book a session!

Leslie, USA

This is my second reading with two different mediums. Both readings were such gifts to me and filled my heart. There was indisputable evidence that I was hearing from my loved ones, along with messages that I will cherish.

Donna, USA

I found this reading very comforting. I feel like I gained a deeper perspective into the loved one’s life and experience.

Tracy, USA

Try it. There is no downside.

Julie, AUS

i would rate this reading as one of my favourites.

Lori, USA

Can be healing

Kaylene, USA

Try this it is amazing and its real

Amy, USA

This is more than a reading, it’s evolution for your spiritual self.

Sherry, USA

VerySoul is the most compassionate place to go to if you want to reach out to your loved ones through a medium. This is my second reading, with 2 different mediums on VerySoul. Each time has been AMAZING! I can’t wait to have my very good friend try out VerySoul. No one will be disappointed! Thank you to VerySoul and all the mediums who dedicate their time to help others heal!

Pat, USA

Worth having a session .

Cindy, USA

I’ve recommended the platform to three friends.

Clover, USA

Great platform to easily connect with your loved ones

Barbara, USA

It’s well worth giving it a go to potentially get insights like you can’t in any other way that can add such perspective & value to life!

Sue, USA

Do it! It’s very valuable and made a big difference how I process my grief

Mary, USA

It is such a healing experience.

Jennifer, USA

Do it! You won’t be disappointed!!!

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