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Annmarie, USA

Do it!

Gaynelle, USA

Do it! Easy to book, and wonderful medium(s).

Jane, USA

Just do it. 🙂

Patricia, CAN

You won’t be disappointed!


Please just give it a try. Book a session and see how amazing it can be!

Ron, USA

I would definitely advise others To check out Very sole

Laurie, USA

Keep trying if one medium doesn’t connect well with you. Another might just match your energy better

Lori, USA

The sessions I’ve had have been amazing, and I would encourage others to give it a try. Just be open, and the messages you need to hear will come. I found it to be a very joyful experience.

Marilyn, USA

Keep your heart and mind open and if it truly is then you will get whatever it is your looking for

Stacy, USA

My reading was amazing!

Barbara, USA

I would strongly recommend a reading. My experience was meaningful and helped

Steve, USA

Yes I would

Cindy, USA

That was the best gift for any parent to receive!!

Michelle, USA

Try to be open .

Jessie, USA

My reading was by far one of the best readings I’ve ever had. Everything was so spot on.

Julie, USA

Do it!!!!

Lynn, UK

Super professional organization. Recommend highly.

Michelle, USA

I’ve had two readings with different VerySoul mediums and they were both incredibly accurate and uplifting. I am beyond grateful.

Katie, USA

Try it, even if you’re not sold on the idea!

Maureen, USA

I didn’t have enough of an experience to tell anyone

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